Michele Colletti is a power house vocalist and commanding actress.  Here she shares past projects and after a 25 year hiatus, her return to the stage to pursue her love and passion for performing. 

"Michele Colletti's Sweet Sue has beauty, style and class.  She also has a very pleasant singing voice"

[Most Promising Newcomer 1990 ]

James V. Rucco


“Michele Colletti gives a crisp performance as Sweet Sue, the leader of the all-girls band wherein our heroes are forced to hide. But her moniker belies her true personality as she struts her stuff upon the stage.”

Linda Rowland

The Cheshire Citizen

“Most persuasive in her role is Michele Colletti one of the friendly wives (the one who shops til she drops) who has a wonderful strong voice for musical theatre, and a stage presence and timing that are a joy to watch. She does one number, Where Has My Hubby Gone Blues, dressed in a sleeveless purple dress, with a single spotlight, against a black backdrop, creating an effect that has the boys in the audience gasping.”

Herald Review


“The cast of 17, composed of all local people, has outstanding voice, especially Michele Colletti, who outshines them all. Ms. Colletti opens the show with All That Jazz.”

Jean Nichols

Herald Review


And now...

"Tanya, the wealthy multi-divorcee Cougar played brilliantly seductive and sassy by Michele Colletti...the scolding vamp thrills is irresistible when she resists the advances of the studly houseboy (Sawyer Pollock as the habanero  Pepper in his swimsuit glory) in the devilish “Does Your Mother Know.”

Sandy Staggs

Carolina Curtain Call 

March 2018

Broadway World SC - Nominated for Best Actress in a Musical (professional) for her role as Tanya in Mamma Mia, Centre Stage - 2018

Carolina Curtain Call - Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Tanya in Mamma Mia, Centre Stage - 2018
Broadway World SC - Nominated for Best Supporting Actress (professional) for her role as Jean in Good People, Centee Stage - 2019

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